Jingshan Road

Updated: July 28, 2023
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Jingshan Road

The 13.5 kilometer long Jingshan Road is divided into three themed sections: Garden Tour, Mountain View and Sea Scenery. It connects New Yuanming Palace, Macao’s Return Memorial Park, Bailiandong Park, Jida Reservoir, Jingshan Park and the City Balcony from west to east, creating a slow, ecological pedestrian trail. 

The construction and restoration concept of Jingshan Road is "ecology first and integrate into nature", and follows the principle of nature and ecology protection.

The road is mainly an aerial trestle. It expresses the principle of low interference with nature in a bid to achieve "zero damage" to the ecological environment.

Jingshan Road is about 160 to180 meters above sea level and adopts a steel beam structure with a span of about 10-16 meters. The width of the trail is about 3.6 meters, and its railing is made of stainless-steel wire rope mesh. It is China's first smart health trail, equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as AI non-inductive acquisition, face recognition, the Internet of Things, intelligent cloud computing and big data analysis.