Zhuhai Jiachen Zhaoye Biotechnology Co, Ltd

Updated: July 28, 2023
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Zhuhai Jiachen Zhaoye Biotechnology Co, Ltd is a technology and intelligent R&D company that is focused on technology-based beauty and skincare, with the brand name Moxiaoman. It was created through a partnership between Chinese pop singers Leng Mo (from Xinxiang, Henan province) and Yang Xiaoman (from Luoyang, Henan province), who is also a popular influencer. The company is committed to creating products with better user experiences, and developing high-end beauty products tailored to Chinese people. It uses cutting-edge global scientific and technological achievements and closely collaborates with many R&D teams.

The company pursues originality in music and film, creating original cultural content. It invites artists and guests to Zhuhai to jointly create new content with the Leng Mo and Yang Xiaoman team.

The company has developed into a comprehensive business that integrates creative expression, live streaming e-commerce, original music and movies, event planning, and other businesses. The office area is 1,200 square meters with a product display area, live broadcasting area, e-commerce area, customer service area, reception area, talent anchor area, program stage area, post-production area, photography studio, recording studio, and expansion area.