Industries in Xiangzhou

Updated: September 1, 2023
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Xiangzhou plans to vigorously develop strategic emerging industries represented by the digital economy and lay out business formats such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and the industrial internet to build up a digital economy incubation and gathering base. 

Digital creativity

Xiangzhou has gathered digital economy brands represented by Prometheus Vision Technology and Xiaowei Technology, and its digital creative industry development directions already include short videos, the Internet celebrity economy, animation, esports, and VR.

Integrated circuits

Xiangzhou has gathered design enterprises represented by APEX Microelectronics and Geric Technology, packaging and testing enterprises represented by SMIC, and complete machine application enterprises represented by Gree Electric Appliances and Tianwei to form a complete industrial chain from design to installed machine application.


Xiangzhou is striving to build a demonstration park for the photoelectric industry. It has so far attracted Guangheng Technology, Huaxing Wisdom and some other high-quality enterprises.


Xiangzhou promotes high-quality development of the manufacturing industry through helping leading enterprises strengthen, complement and extend their business chain. In 2022, the gross output value of the equipment manufacturing industry in Xiangzhou district amounted to 50.64 billion yuan and the gross output value of its advanced manufacturing industry was 84.77 billion yuan. A number of quality enterprises have emerged in Xiangzhou. 

Intelligent household appliances

Gree Electric Appliances is one of the Global Forbes Top 500 Companies. It has the world’s largest air conditioning production base and its share in the air conditioning market has been the world's first for many years.

Smart grid

Xuji Electric and other well-known smart grid enterprises have grown quickly in Xiangzhou. Their products and services cover power grid automation, smart power distribution, smart homes, new energy, micro-grids, substation automation, and information and interaction.

Intelligent equipment manufacturing

An intelligent manufacturing industrial chain that includes research and development, manufacturing and application has taken shape in Xiangzhou district. It’s represented by companies and organizations like the Gree Intelligent Equipment Research Institute, Sima Transmission Machinery, Panasonic Motor, Zhixin Automation Technology and Ruixiang Intelligent Technology.

High-end printing equipment

Zhuhai has developed into one of the regions with the largest scale, the most complete industrial chain and the highest technical level of the printing consumable material industry in the world. It supplies more than 80% of the world's ribbons and 68.4% of compatible ink boxes. It is home to 445 printing consumable material enterprises with a total output value of more than 25 billion yuan, and has been awarded the title of "City of Printing Consumable Materials" by the China Computer Industry Association.


Xiangzhou vigorously develops the high-end service industry. Modern service industries represented by the financial industry and high-end information industry account for nearly 60% of its service industry, and the added value of its financial industry accounts for nearly 70% of that of Zhuhai. It has the largest concentration of high-end office buildings in Zhuhai, and strives to build a modern service cluster on the west bank of the Pearl River that connects Hong Kong and Macao and reaches the whole Greater Bay Area. 

Financial services

There are 23 listed enterprises in Xiangzhou. More than 500 million yuan is invested every year into a government investment fund system involving a guidance fund and a venture capital fund.

Exhibition tourism

Relying on large exhibition venues represented by the Zhuhai Shizimen International Convention & Exhibition Center, Xiangzhou regularly holds events such as the China (Zhuhai) International Printing Consumables Exhibition, the Zhuhai Advanced Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Exhibition, and the China (Zhuhai) International Marine High-tech Expo in a bid to build itself into a leisure district featuring exhibition and tourism.



The added value of the tertiary industry in Xiangzhou accounts for more than 60% of the district's GDP. It promotes the integrated development of modern commerce, health, leisure tourism and cultural creativity, cultivating large business circles, accelerating the combination of commerce, tourism and cultural consumption and aiming to create a leisure district featuring exhibition and tourism. 

Modern commerce and trade

Xiangzhou has several business areas such as Gongbei, Jida, New Xiangzhou, Qianshan and Nanping. In 2022, the revenue of its social consumable retail sales was 81.55 billion yuan, accounting for 78.06% of the total in Zhuhai.

Massive health industry

Xiangzhou strives to build a complete industrial large health cluster and has cultivated enterprises represented by Sailong Pharmaceutical and Livzon Diagnostics.

Culture creativity

Xiangzhou is striving to build an industrial belt of cultural creativity, and has already welcomed the Jinjia Creativity Valley, the Zuoyou Creativity Park and the V12 Culture Creativity Park.