Gree's air conditioners bring green energy to Asian Games Updated: September 26, 2023
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Central air conditioners manufactured by Xiangzhou-based Gree Electric Appliances are being widely used during the ongoing 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou - capital of East China's Zhejiang province.

They're said to be providing high efficiency, energy-saving and stable cooling solutions to ensure the smooth operation of the event.

Having opened on Sept 23, the 19th Asian Games organizers have focused on running the event in a green, intelligent, economical and civilized way.

Gree's products are said to be running smoothly at competition venues and in the Asian Games Village.

In addition to their involvement in the 19th Asian Games, Gree's products have been applied in various metro lines in Hangzhou, guaranteeing a cool and comfortable environment for athletes and visitors. 

The company says this not only enhances the overall experience of the 19th Asian Games, but also aligns with its commitment to technology, quality and service excellence.

By creating a "zero-carbon" Asian Games, Gree says it is actively contributing to promoting a cleaner and greener future.