Welcome to Xiangzhou, Zhuhai Updated: September 28, 2023
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Welcome to Xiangzhou for romance and freedom!

Zhuhai, one of the first four Special Economic Zones in China to adopt the policy of opening-up, is renowned as the "City of Hundred Islands".


Xiangzhou, the main urban area of Zhuhai, is the only district connecting the mainland with Hong Kong and Macao by a land bridge, serving as the political, economic, technological and cultural center of Zhuhai.  


Xiangzhou District has rich tourism resources, including natural scenery and modern cultural landscape, which makes it an ideal destination for citizens and tourists.


The government has designed 5 tourist routes for visitors to fully experience Xiangzhou's strong historical and cultural atmosphere, unique cultural landscape and charming coastal scenery.

Route 1: Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Sightseeing Tour


Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge 

Cruise Tour: Jiuzhou Port - Viewing the Bridge and Zhuhai's city scenery by cruise;

Zhuhai Opera House

Helicopter Tour: Jiuzhou Airport - Viewing the Bridge, Zhuhai Opera House and Zhuhai's city scenery by helicopter

Route 2: Coastal View



Xianglu Bay Beach

Zhuhai Opera House

Zhuhai Opera House - Jingshan Park - Xianglu Bay Beach - Statue of Fisher Girl - Love Post Office - Heatland Beach - Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

Fisher Maiden Statue


Love Post Office

Route 3: Historical Places

Yang Great Ancestral Hall


Beishan Grand Courtyard

Yung Wing Museum - Yang Great Ancestral Hall - Yang Pao'an Exhibition Hall - Beishan Grand Courtyard;

Yuyuan Garden

Former Residence of Chen Fang - Yuyuan Garden

Route 4: City Parks

Xiangshanhu Park


Yuanmingyuan New Park

Yuanmingyuan New Park - Xiangshanhu Park - Xiangshan Cloud Walkway - Haitian Park - Haitian Rest Station Boardwalk - Zhuhai Museum - Zhuhai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

Xiangshan Trail


Sea & Sky (Haitian) Park

Route 5: South China Historical Trail


Meixi Royal Stone Archways


Putuo Temple

Meixi Royal Stone Archways - Putuo Temple - Puji Art Museum - Changnanjing Old Path

Changnanjing Old Path


In Xiangzhou, the sea and mountains stretch far away to meet the sky on the horizon; the sunset and the wind are gentle.


Come here to enjoy the coziness in the enchanting scenery. Get your friends and family together for a trip to Xiangzhou, Zhuhai for romance and freedom!