Xiangzhou district excels in cultivating great SMEs Updated: November 13, 2023
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The Xiangzhou district of Zhuhai city saw 19 of its businesses make it on Oct 31 onto the list of the second batch of 2023 innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in South China's Guangdong province.

To date, Xiangzhou has seen a total of 211 of its businesses make it onto the list this year and the total number of innovative SMEs there has now reached 517, ranking it first in terms of both the latest gain and the total quantity in Zhuhai.

In recent years, Xiangzhou has focused on a development pattern of "industry first" and has improved the gradient cultivation of high-performing SMEs. It has adhered to dynamic management and dedicated services to continue to optimize the eco-system for SMEs.

What's more, it has established and improved the cultivation repertory for specialized, elaborative, characteristic and emerging "little giant" SMEs – provincial specialized, high-potential emerging enterprises and innovative SMEs. 

On-site visits, dynamic updates and in-depth guidance have been conducted to help enterprises resolve their shortcomings and to promote preferential policies in such areas as supply chains.

Activities like policy promotions, supply and demand matchmaking – as well as communications between banks and enterprises, lectures and enterprise training – have been made available.

Moreover, the district has introduced top-flight service resources to enterprises, helping them to enhance their internal strength and expand their markets.