Xiangzhou new material enterprise stands out in national competition Updated: January 9, 2024
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Guangdong Kargen New Materials stood out in the recent final of the 12th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, local media outlets reported on Jan 7, being the only enterprise from Guangdong to advance to the national finals in new materials.

The enterprise's project on the mass production of polymer microspheres and metal-organic framework (MOF) materials for lithium battery separator coating ranked among the top 10 in the Startup Enterprise Group and ranked second nationwide in new materials. 

Located in Xiangzhou's Qianshan subdistrict, the enterprise is a new materials technology enterprise founded by a group of returnee doctors dedicated to the research, production, and diversified application of nano-polymer and nano-carbon materials. 

In recent years, through independent innovation, the enterprise has mastered production technologies such as controllable polymer synthesis and controllable polymer degradation. It has developed multiple products, including polymer microspheres and MOF materials, with industry-leading performance and cost.

The extensive application of MOF materials in areas such as carbon capture and solid-state hydrogen storage is expected to contribute to achieving the "dual carbon" goals. In October 2023, it launched its first batch of mass-produced MOF products. The current production capacity is 50 metric tons per year, and the number will reach 500 in 2024, with more than 20 product models.

A staff member noted that the enterprise has established strategic partnerships with carbon capture companies in Canada and the United States, and the first carbon capture project is expected to be implemented in North America in 2024.