Zhuhai Fuhong Technology boosts environmental monitoring with 10-yr efforts Updated: January 19, 2024
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A Zhuhai Fuhong Technology's product for environmental monitoring. [Photo/WeChat account: zhxiangzhou]

Song Weiliang, chairman of Xiangzhou-based Zhuhai Fuhong Technology, began to pay attention to environmental monitoring issues, especially the problem of unauthorized emission of foul-smelling gases in certain areas, a decade ago.

Now, the enterprise has achieved comprehensive, all-weather, full-coverage, precise, real-time intelligent control through a series of online environmental monitoring systems solutions, integrating gas data collection, transmission, calculation, and display. 

Song explained that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are the primary source of foul odors that lead to public complaints and are also precursors to crucial air pollution control indicators such as PM2.5 and ozone. "Controlling VOCs is a difficult and crucial aspect in ecological environment," he said.

Fuhong Technology's online monitoring products sample and detect VOCs every 30 seconds, using patented algorithms to avoid the effects of different temperatures and humidity on the equipment. 

"We have applied for a patent for the algorithm, transforming the manual calibration work at the site into cloud-based operations. Our intelligent platform calibrates the data at any time, allowing the staff to focus more on helping companies identify emission sources," added Song.

On Jan 9, 2023, the Catalog of Major Environmental Protection Technologies and Equipment Encouraged for Development (2023) compiled by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment was released. The enterprise's ultra-small VOCs and foul odor online monitoring system were listed as applicable to industrial enterprises, complaint-sensitive VOCs or foul odor monitoring, and source tracing.

"Xiangzhou has exempted us from three years of rent, which is very important for a start-up like us. We have also become the first enterprise incubated by Cloud Creek Hub", said Song Weiliang.