Xiangzhou launches online video services for governmental services Updated: January 23, 2024
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A staff member of the bureau of governmental services and data of Xiangzhou district demonstrates how to use the online video service. [Photo/WeChat account: zhxiangzhou]

The bureau of governmental services and data of Xiangzhou district, Zhuhai, has recently launched an online video service to provide convenient and efficient services to the public, local media outlets reported on Jan 19.

Based on real-time video communication capabilities, the current online governmental services have been extended to remote face-to-face visual video services, allowing them to handle matters with less time and fewer trips.

A resident named Chen who was handling the establishment of a non-educational institution mentioned that she had to check the service guide online before handling any matter related to it. In case of any confusion or difficulty in understanding the guidelines, she had to go to the service hall for consultation.

"Now, through the video service, I can quickly understand the requirements and detailed procedures face-to-face, which is very convenient," she added.

The video service provides remote business consultation services for the public and integrates functions such as screen sharing, file transfer, and real-time text conversations. 

It can provide businesses and the public customized services such as face-to-face consultation and guidance, online assistance, and precise demonstrations. For businesses requiring offline submission of materials, the confirmed video materials can be sent to the service hall free of charge.

Xiangzhou has launched 53 video service issues, including domestic commercial performance approvals and permits for operating high-risk sports projects.