HZMB Zhuhai Port sees increase in student travel during holiday Updated: January 25, 2024
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Students line up to go through border inspection. [Photo/Guanhai App]

Since the winter vacation, the Zhuhai Port of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge has seen a two-way flow of students traveling between the north and the south. 

According to HZMB's border inspection station, on Jan 19, the number of primary and secondary school students entering and leaving the Zhuhai Port exceeded 14,000, representing a 10 percent increase compared to usual.

The immigration departments across the country have taken proactive measures by establishing dedicated sessions during weekends and the Spring Festival holiday to process entry and exit documents. This initiative aims to enhance convenience for parents, facilitating the application process for their children's entry and exit documents.

On Jan 19 and 20, the registered residences of the primary and secondary school students entering and leaving via the HZMB covered multiple provinces across the country. 

The border inspection department predicts that during the winter vacation and the Spring Festival holiday, the number of primary and secondary school students entering and leaving the bridge port will exceed 500,000.

Wang Jianfei, from HZMB's border inspection station, emphasized the station's proactive measures to facilitate seamless customs clearance. Ensuring a well-coordinated process, the station has obtained pertinent information regarding student travel groups. They have effectively communicated processing requirements and precautions to duty police officers, established dedicated channels, implemented meticulous inspection measures, and provided on-site guidance promptly. 

Additionally, the station has deployed attentive and patient police officers to guide students through the entry and exit procedures, guaranteeing a secure and efficient customs clearance experience.