3 Zhuhai enterprises named national single-product champions Updated: March 22, 2024
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A total of 61 enterprises in Guangdong, mainly from the Pearl River Delta region, were recognized as national manufacturing single-product champion enterprises. Zhuhai ranked fifth with three of its enterprises on the list.

Eastcompeace is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in providing a range of smart card products, system integration solutions, and overall services. Its scheme for the 5G NFC Super SIM card has undergone rigorous system testing and certification, demonstrating its capacity to enable payment without a network and promoting the use of digital RMB. This groundbreaking achievement is significant for the industry and has the potential to revolutionize the way financial transactions are conducted. 

Additionally, Eastcompeace is currently pursuing an expansion strategy aimed at establishing a subsidiary in Indonesia, to expand its international reach and strengthen its position in the global marketplace.

JieLi Technology, a key player in the chip manufacturing industry, has made significant strides in the IoT sector. Its chips, adopted by major terminal manufacturers like Xiaomi, Transsion, and QCY, are integral to the functioning of IoT smart terminal products, such as AI smart speakers and smart video surveillance. This underscores the company's importance in shaping the future of the IoT industry.

BIOLIGHT is a national high-tech enterprise, with its main business covering health monitoring and blood purification. Its products are widely applied in home healthcare, community healthcare, and emergency rooms, providing professional solutions for medical equipment such as monitors and hemodialysis machines.