Foreign friends experienced blue tie-dye bag DIY

HUAFA MSCE Updated: April 24, 2024
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Tie-dyeing is a traditional and unique dyeing method in Chinese folklore. On April 20, 2024, Huafa MSCE held another “Charm of Chinese Culture” series event, Blue Tie-dye Bag Making Experience, which attracted more than 20 foreign friends from Germany, the UK, the USA, France, South Africa and Croatia to join. 

On the day of the event, it was a bit cloudy and gloomy. But it could not stop everyone's enthusiasm for active participation. A teacher from Tingyun Bookstore first introduced the concept, materials and processes of tie-dyeing, as well as the traditional tie-dyeing methods from other regions around the world. 

After the introduction, all the participants were eager to try by themselves. In the DIY process, under the guidance of the teacher, everyone gave full play to their creativity, folding, tying and clamping for the forming of repetitive and beautiful patterns later. 

After that, they soaked the tied white bags in the dye for a moment. Then they took them out to oxidize for a while. At last, they removed the clips or rubber bands to unfold the bags, left the bags in the open to dry, and their one and only tie-dye bags were finished nicely. The bag makers were all satisfied with their work and shared their ideas with joy and happiness. 

This event was highly praised by foreign friends. “It’s my first time to make a bag by myself. The dyes are special. I had so much fun and the bag is really beautiful!” said Clara from Germany. “This event is very interesting and meaningful. My wife and my kid enjoyed it a lot. We really look forward to the center’s other events like this”, said Benjamin from South Africa. 

This is the 13th event in the series of “Charm of Chinese Culture” of Huafa MSCE. It has enabled foreign friends to have a deeper understanding and experience of traditional Chinese culture, and helped them better integrate into the local life. 

In the future, Huafa MSCE will organize more activities about Chinese traditional culture to build a platform for friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries, improve multi-cultural communication and promote high-quality,internationalized development in Zhuhai.


A teacher from Tingyun Bookstore first introduces the concept, materials and processes of tie-dyeing. [Photo/WeChat account:HUAFA MSCE]


Foreign friends experience blue tie-dye bag DIY. [Photo/WeChat account:HUAFA MSCE]


Foreign friends showcase their work. [Photo/WeChat account:HUAFA MSCE]