Xiangzhou launches R&D center for souvenirs Updated: April 26, 2024
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Zhuhai's Xiangzhou district has recently launched a cultural innovation research and development center for souvenirs, covering 4,000 square meters.

The center aims to blend tradition with modernity, culture with technology, and become the flagship project for the integrated development of culture, commerce, and tourism in Zhuhai.

Located in the Huasheng Industrial Area of the Wanzai sub-district, the center focuses on exploring the unique "Wanzai culture + intangible cultural heritage + high-quality souvenirs" IP. The center injects innovative energy into the area and supports the region's high-quality development efforts.

In the future, Xiangzhou district intends to continue advancing the construction of characteristic neighborhoods, exploring innovative commercial content, and leveraging natural resources, operational features, and historical culture. The district aims to enhance the appeal of Wanzai's tourism, create more urban IPs, and become a trend-setting hub.


Zhuhai's Xiangzhou district launches a cultural innovation research and development center for souvenirs. [Photo/WeChat account: zhxiangzhou]


An array of souvenirs are on display at the center. [Photo/WeChat account: zhxiangzhou]


The center provides customers with immersive intangible cultural heritage experiences. [Photo/WeChat account: zhxiangzhou]