Tourism booms in Beishan during May Day holiday Updated: May 10, 2024
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During the May Day holiday, the commercial cluster in Beishan community, Xiangzhou district, was bustling, attracting over 100,000 visitors. Not only did the dining sector thrive, but the themed homestays also emerged as a new favorite, with bookings doubled compared to regular days.

Statistics show that during the holiday, daily visitor numbers in Beishan peaked at 30,000, with vehicle traffic reaching 7,500 cars per day, including over 30 percent from Hong Kong and Macao.

Apart from visitors from Hong Kong and Macao, Beishan also saw a diverse influx of tourists during the holiday, including many from nearby cities of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, domestic tourists, and foreigners. They knew Beishan through platforms like TikTok, Xiaohongshu, or friends' recommendations.

Throughout the May Day holiday, Beishan hosted over 20 small-scale concerts in seven street corners and historic buildings. Tourists were drawn to the music to enjoy the artistic atmosphere.

In the future, Beishan plans to further develop into a music-themed district. Visitors can not only appreciate the ancient architecture and savor local cuisine but also engage in interactive music experiences.


The commercial cluster in Beishan is bustling during the May Day holiday. [Photo/WeChat account: zhxiangzhou]


Beishan attracts many visitors from Hong Kong and Macao during the May Day holiday. [Photo/WeChat account: zhxiangzhou]


The small-scale concert in Beishan during the May Day holiday. [Photo/WeChat account: zhxiangzhou]